Monochrome Madness

Every Thursday, Leanne Cole, a Fine Art Photographer based in Melbourne, hosts a wonderful project called Monochrome Madness.  This is a photographic challenge which attracts participants from all over the world.  Every week, we submit a monochrome image, typically black & white, and sometimes comment on each other’s work.

We are now into the third year of the project.  So the galleries display images submitted by Chris to date. As most of these images were taken as coloured photographs originally, it has been interesting to understand which images are suited to a black & white conversion.  Some are obvious, such as the much loved cygnet hitchhiking on its mum’s back from Year One, or the jellyfish in Year Two, because they are in the main already monochrome or high in contrast.  But for others, especially landscapes and seascapes, it is not as easy as might appear.  That is the nature of the challenge.

Monochrome Madness – Year Three

Monochrome Madness – Year Two

Monochrome Madness – Year One

14 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness

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  2. Wow Chris, some magnificent photos here, you would have to be pleased with them. what a great job. Thank you so much for being part of MM it has been fantastic getting to know you, online and now in person.

  3. Gosh I love seeing your chosen body of work together… so many beautiful photos!
    We met through MM and for that I am thankful 🙂

    • Hi Robyn, it is good to review all the images… And I only did part of the year! Thank you for the lovely comment and I too am glad about our connection😊

  4. You have some special images here. Your birds are magnificent- and so touching!!! the eucalypt blossom is exquisite and your landscapes like Moruya mist and lillies beach are so full of longing ( to me). All gorgeous!!

  5. Hi Chris, this is such a great collection! I adore your bird pictures and I am so happy that I found your Blog (even though it was through another challenge 😉 ).

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