Our website is all about sailing, nature, photography, and most of all about the joy of living the dream.

Thank you for visiting.  This first page is a window into our world: we love the sea, we are fascinated by stars, we love birds, we enjoy the rewards of bush walking, and relish sunrises and sunsets over the ocean.

We hope you enjoy exploring our pages and reading our posts. 


49 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Cybele, yes sailing, birds and photography are a great combination and those two shots in particular evoke special memories of great personal satisfaction. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Do you take your camera everywhere? I imagine you sleeping with it next to you just in case an opportunity arises during the night to shoot some wildlife.

  2. About time you two got proper jobs and work until we die like the rest of us. Nice work.

  3. Your first and last shots speak volumes to me. I don’t sail but enjoy photos of sailboats and the sea. I am land locked so that might be why, I’m not sure. With the last shot I can just imagine hiking and coming up over a rise to that view! Great!

    • That’s the beauty of sailing; you get to discover some amazing places! Those two shots in particular are very special… The first one was taken last year when we were making landfall at the World Heritage island of Lord Howe after a 48 hour non stop sail across the Tasman Sea. The last one is in the wilderness of Bathurst Harbour in SW Tasmania, another hard to get to World Heritage site. Glad you like this and enjoy the browse!

  4. Thank you for writing about your Passage to Lord Howe Island. It was beautifully written and I love your photos. We are contemplating sailing there next year.

    • Hi Lindy, it is a stunning place to go to. We liked it so much that we are going back there this summer, or at least hoping to as the weather has to be favourable! If you need any more info, let us know. Chris

  5. It’s my husband’s dream to sail all over the place and it’s my dream to have a little cat to sail with us that doesn’t get seasick. It looks like you have accomplished both our dreams!

    • Yes we are very lucky, have fun and get to see beautiful places. Bengie our bengal cat is an important crew member and a very talkative one too! Thanks for the visit, the likes and comments… You should follow us- we are about to embark on a big sail to the world heritage island Lord Howe.

  6. svtakeiteasy
    Have just read your article in Cruising Helmsman,loved it. The pics on Bengie & her telling of her thoughts was enjoyable to read, you all have a wonderful connection. I will be following more of your adventures.
    Take care DI.

  7. Wonderful blog. I had no idea Deal Island even existed. Well and truly on our list of destinations. Just mentioned you on the SailNet forums. I hope you are OK with me posting a couple of your pics.

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  9. Hi Chris, Ann has often talked about you and she suggested I follow you on this blog. I believe the four of you are off on another adventure so I look forward to reading all about it. Cheers, Robynne (Switzerland)

  10. Gday. I have been going through your Tassie and Furneaux group stories and appreciate the fine detail. I hope to be heading down to Tassie summer 2017-18 and reading your adventures helps me plan the trip. The longer trip notes allow me to follow along with OpenCPN or Google maps and get a good idea of the lay of the land, and the water. You don’t get this sort if detail in a magazine article. So thanks for the effort involved and I am enthused to get our boat ready for something new. I have a 38ft Chamberlin based in Lake Macquarie and she needs to do something more than head north again.



    • Hi Phil! It is great to hear our posts and journals are of interest. You will love the Furneaux (and Tassie). Very different cruising grounds from the East coast: Pristine anchorages, no people!

  11. Hi Wade & Sue

    We are just about to get a little kitten and we would like to take her on the boat. Do you have some good advice about getting her used to the boat and food for her whilst cruising? Any advice would be welcomed.
    We are enjoying your blog as always, happy retirement to you both.

    kind regards
    Lindy & Phil – Careel Bay Sydney

    • Hi Lindy, it’s Chris & Wade – really nice to hear from you. Great you are getting a kitten – they are so adaptable and fun!
      If yours is anything like Bengie when she was a kitten, it will follow you everywhere. We let her roam around inside (except on the benches) and out on deck. You could bring her bed once she is used to it so it’s always where she goes.

      Food: from memory when they are little they eat every few hours.
      We alternate soft food in the morning for Bengie and dry food at night. We used to leave dry food on demand, but she is a bit of a guts, so we gets it at 5.00pm!

      And then you could organise a litter box in the heads. That’s where Bengie has hers so it’s out of the way. We use Breeder’s Choice recycled paper pellets (dissolves in water, doesn’t clog or smell and not nasty for the pussycat).

      • I’m so sorry Chris – a seniors moment I think – thank you for the heads up for the kitten, we will let you know how she goes.

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