Cruise Stories

During significant voyages, we write a journal.  This is our way of documenting where we go, to record what we experience and see, to share all this with friends and family. It also becomes a resource for interested yachties.

To view these, click on the Cruise Stories tab and select one of the three subdirectories. The stories are organised according to the vessel we sailed on:

– Sailing Anui

– On board Take It Easy

– Medina’s Journals


4 thoughts on “Cruise Stories

    • Hi Deb, I have just checked and it all seems fine. To get to the stories you need to select the sub-tabs under cruise stories, which include “On Board Take It Easy”, and “Medina”. Then you will see all the PDFs for each of our cruises on those two boats. May be try again and let me know how you go. Thanks for your interest!

  1. Hi, we cannot get the 2018 Coral Sea Cruise to download. The others work ok but that one says 404 file not found under wordpresscom. Can you please help us with this
    Colin and Pagen

    • Hi Colin and Pagen, Oops – I had found typos and had meant to reload the updated version. Obviously forgot! All fixed now. Enjoy the read!

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