Medina’s Journals

Medina is a Coral Coaster 29, designed by Ross Turner, and built by David Nicholson in Queensland.  We had her for some 8 years and learnt many things about coastal cruising in that time.  We had a lot of fun on her and made several Bass Strait crossings, exploring the many islands of the Strait.

We started keeping journals of our adventures.  These are listed below in reverse chronological order, and can be read online or downloaded.

Medina’s Delivery Trip


Goodbye Medina – Handover to new owners

On this trip, we say goodbye to Medina.  We deliver her from the Gippsland Lakes to Greenwell Point, near Nowra, to her new owner Mick Booth.  It is a bitter sweet moment when we hand her over.

Medina Delivery

 Island hopping in Bass Strait

Anchored at Allports, Flinders Island

Anchored at Allports, Flinders Island

This is our 2010-11  Summer Cruise around Hogan, Deal, Flinders and other islands of Eastern Bass Strait.  These are our favourite cruising grounds as many of these anchorages are seldom frequented.

Medina’s Journal 2010_11

East Coast of Tasmania

Made it to Port Arthur

Made it to Port Arthur

Our Summer 2008-09 Cruise takes us to the East Coast of Tasmania for the first time.  We are wooed by the Freycinet Peninsula and get as far as Port Arthur before heading back North via the Furneaux Group.

Medina’s 08-09 Journal

To Flinders and Deal Islands

Babel Island from Sellars Point

Babel Island seen from Sellars Point on Flinders Island

For our summer 2008 trip, we spend 21 days exploring the islands of Flinders and Deal.

Round Flinders and Deal Islands in 21 Days

Bass Strait Circumnavigation

Kitten on board!

Our Summer 2006-07 Cruise is an ambitious circumnavigation of Bass Strait.  We head East along the Victorian Coast to Apollo Bay, then hop across to King Island, the Hunter Group, Northern Tassie, and back up to Flinders Island and the Gippsland Lakes.  This is a first trip with our pussycat Bengie.  She is only four months old!

2006_07 Journal

First foray in Bass Strait

The Old Man's Head at Killiecrankie Bay, Flinders Island

The Old Man’s Head at Killiecrankie Bay, Flinders Island

Our Summer 2005-06 cruise is our first ever foray in Bass Strait.  We spend our time exploring Flinders Island.  A momentous trip, during which we fall in love with cruising and the Furneaux Group.

2005-06 Journal

2 thoughts on “Medina’s Journals

  1. Fantastic photos of the two Medina’s! We are hoping to take Medina (the yellow one), back down to Tasmania in a few years time. David and Mary put the idea in our heads during the hand over and it has been growing since then. Thanks for letting me know about the photos, I really appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Rachel – We love Tassie and the Bass Strait Islands… fantastic scenery, secluded anchorages. We have spent many summers exploring. If you need some info on anchorages, on our “Cruise Stories” page, our past journals are there… I also write articles on destinations for both Cruising Helmsman and Australian Multihull World, so again, go to the “Published” page to read any of these. Many of them are about Tassie and the Bass Strait Islands – our favourite cruising ground. We just published a “Top 10 of the Furneaux Group” in CH… Here is a link to the post
      Yell out if you want anything. Enjoy the browse… and the dreaming! Chris

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