On board Take It Easy

We are enjoying countless adventures on our beloved catamaran, which we document through journals to share with friends and family.  These are chronicles of our day to day life on board, with all the quirky, interesting, funny things that happen.  They are abundantly illustrated with photographs. 

What follows is a synopsis for each of our cruising stories since purchasing Take It Easy.  They are listed in reverse chronological order.  PDFs are attached and can be read online or downloaded.  

In some instances, we have also created a book of our best images.  This is produced in high definition print resolution on high quality paper.  You can preview our photo books on line and order your own copy if you are so inclined.

2018 Coral Sea Cruise

Esk Island from Whitehaven Beach


Our four months’ wanderings in the Coral Sea, between latitudes 25°S and 20°S was a huge winter adventure – a leisurely island and reef hopping exploration both above and under the waterline. This took us as far north as we have been to date with Take It Easy.

2018 Coral Sea CruiseJournal

Two months around wild Tasmania

Kelly Basin arrival

Macquarie Harbour

Our two months voyage right around Tasmania, starting with the daunting West coast, was an amazing adventure which we shared for part of the way with friends Greg and Ann. It was our first voyage without being on a schedule and we relished our time exploring at our leisure.

2018 Tasmanian Voyage – Web – Journal

2018 Voyage en Tasmanie – Version Française

Whale Migration

Humpback Whale Spyhopping

Humpback Whale Spy Hopping

The highlight of our first few months as live-aboards was following the migration of the Humpback Whales. This photo-book showcases a range of pictures we took during this awe-inspiring experience and provides some information about these creatures.

2017 Whale MigrationAlbumworks photobook

Bass Strait Circumnavigation


Eastern shores of Preservation Island

An eleven weeks tour of Bass Strait during which the Westerly winds reigned supreme. We explored the many islands around western and eastern Bass Strait as well as the beautiful northern coastline of Tasmania.

2016-17-cruise – Journal

Take It Easy Return From Queensland


Anemone fish at Great Keppel Island

A 1500 nautical miles battle against time and weather, to sail Take It Easy from the Central Queensland coast, where we left her after our family winter cruise, all the way back to our home waters of Victoria.  It is a long way from Yeppoon to Port Albert but we complete the mission as our Summer 2015-16 cruise.

2015-16 Cruise – Journal

Queensland Winter Cruise Photobook

Turquoise waters of the Lady Musgrave lagoon

Our wonderful exploration of Fraser Island, the coral cays of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and the Capricorn coast was a treasure trove for photography and a source of intense emotions with our family over from France. Our favourite images are showcased in this photo book.

Queensland Winter Cruise Albumworks photo book

Queensland Winter Cruise 2015

Vero and Didier in charge

Vero and Didier in charge

A three weeks’ voyage with Chris’ family spent exploring Fraser Island, the Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef and the Capricornia Coast in Queensland. This relates the joys of introducing novices to the wonders as well as the realities of life on board Take It Easy.

QLD Winter Cruise – Journal

Coastal Wanderings

The Captain's rule

The Captain’s Rule!

An eight weeks’ exploration of every nook and cranny between Port Stephens in NSW and Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  A tale of sailing in fickle weather and overcoming gear problems.

2014-15 Cruise – Journal

The Real Deal

East Cove Deal Island

East Cove – Deal Island

A photo-book which captures the seascapes and wildlife of Deal and surrounding islands of the Kent Group, in Eastern Bass Strait.  We introduced a dear friend of ours to this magical place, which made this Easter 2014 trip even more special.  We never tire of Deal Island, and after many visits, still discover more.  And an experience shared is twice as pleasurable.

The Real Deal – Albumworks photo book

 Passage to Lord Howe Island

Made it to Lord Howe Island

Made it to Lord Howe Island

A 2000nm epic journey from the Gippsland Lakes to the world heritage treasure of Lord Howe Island, and  onto Elizabeth Reef, with a return trip southward to Port Albert in Victoria done entirely under spinnaker.  We break many records: distance covered, speed under sail, non stop passage, time away… This voyage is a treasure trove for birdwatchers, divers and photographers.  What an adventure!

2013-14 Cruise LHI – Journal

Port Davey & Bathurst Harbour

Take It Easy looking tiny in the immensity of the Bathurst wilderness - Iola Cove

Tiny in the Bathurst Wilderness

An awesome descent south along Flinders Island, the East Coast of Tasmania, around the rugged South Coast and renowned South West Cape, to the world heritage wilderness of Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.  This is a truly remote, pristine region where wind and sea reign supreme.

2012_13 Cruise Final – Journal


Eastern Bass Strait & Tasmania


Quiet anchorage on Shouten Island

Our first cruise on Take It Easy: a voyage of discovery, exploration and learning about our new cat, along the stunning Freycinet coast, the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and a return home via the Furneaux Islands.  We thoroughly enjoy the space and speed of our new acquisition and the beautiful Tasmanian waters.

2011-12 Cruise – Journal

 Take It Easy Delivery

Delivery Trip – Small stop at Bermagui

Our much awaited delivery trip when we sail Take It Easy from Pittwater in NSW to her new home port of Paynesville in Victoria.  It was quick, done and dusted in 61 hours.

TIE Delivery – Journal


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