From time to time Chris submits articles for publication in magazines.  These are often related to the sea in some way, being either about particular cruising destinations, practical aspects of life on board, or about people  with a special affinity with the ocean. Articles are always lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs. Her portfolio of published work is listed here.  Click on the link to read the articles online or download them.


  • The 61 hour dash home – published by Australian Multihull World in issue 116, November/December 2012



  • Mission Possible – published by Australian Multihull World in issue 136, January/February 2016
  • Cat on a cat – published by Cruising Helmsman in February 2015
  • Dream Builders – published by Australian Multihull World in issue 128, September/October 2014

Amazing Experiences

  • Northern Migration – Published by Australian Multihull World in issue 148 – January/February 2018
  • Out with the Birds – photobook from two years of Bird Photography – published through Albumworks.
  • Hooked on the reef – published by Australian Multihull World in issue 139 – July/August 2016

13 thoughts on “Published

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  3. Got a chance to read your newest about nautical photography and really enjoyed it – great tips on all fronts! We found this summer that we had to use those little poof brushes to get rid of the dust first before using the lens cleaner wipes – otherwise it got ground into the polarizer (thankfully the polarizer and not the lens!).

    • Pleased you enjoyed it! When I was approached to write this I wondered about the key points and whether it would be of interest to people… Thanks for the feedback and the extra tip on the puffer!

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  7. Hi Chris. Just read your article “What Lurks …”. Timely! Your blog inspired me last year to look at purchasing an underwater camera for this year’s trip. I did. Still learning but loving it. Upgraded my DSLR in Townsville too. Thank you for your blog and magazine articles … and the inspiration! Amanda

    • Hi Amanda – what a nice thing to say! Glad the posts and articles are helpful to you. Photography is such a great way to share our adventures and the amazing sights we are lucky enough to discover!

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