Gold Coast Seaway

Dash to Queensland

We have made it back to Queensland! The weather always dictates how enjoyable passages are and our trip into Southern Queensland was a mixed bag but it was a good milestone to reach.

Battened down tight!

Cyclone Seth The weather has conspired to hold us here longer with Cyclone Seth raging. But we were safe at Marina Mirage … going deaf from the incessant helicopter flights overhead and the squeaking from the surge in 40 knot winds, but you can’t have everything! We were able to get ashore and catch some…

Murphy is at it again!

Anyone who thinks life afloat is a dream has a romanticized view of how it really is. Right now health issues, boat repairs and bad weather are demanding a huge effort to keep our chin up. We can’t tell you how many times we have looked at our cruising photobook to help remind us of…