Back to the soggy one!

It is good to be back home with Wade, although with the jetlag, a cold and an aching body, I am not convinced I am good company! It is also back to a rather soggy Anui, as the weather in Australia is very wet! We will just say two words: monsoon and leaks… get the picture?

Bird Photography Challenge #34: Masked Booby

The Masked Booby (Sula dactylatra) is a large seabird, resembling the Australian Gannet.  The name always brings a smile to our faces and we often joke about masked and unmasked boobies on board our boat Take It Easy!  We could not resist making this majestic seabird the subject of our #34 Bird Photography Challenge.

White Terns

Bird Photo Challenge #9: White Tern

The White Tern (Gygis alba) would have to be the most graceful delicate seabird we have ever seen.   It is a small pelagic bird living in oceanic areas and a stunning subject for our #9 Bird Photography Challenge.  It stole our heart last year when we discovered it at Lord Howe Island, and we are…