Cruising Dream VS Reality Published

For years you dream and dream of cruising full time, while using your boat as often as you can, but when you finally give up work and move on board, does the reality measure up to the dream? This article in the January/February 2019 edition of Australian Multihull World shares the ups and downs of…

Published Articles about Life Afloat in July

We have had another good month for publications!  Our articles seem to always cluster around the May to August period, typically after we have returned from holiday cruising and put pen to paper.  It might become a little more spread out throughout the year now that cruising is our life! 

Hooked on the Reef

As we are well into winter here and we long for warmer climes, the publication of our article “Hooked on the Reef” in the Australian Multihull World magazine is a welcome reminder of the wondrous time we had at the Reef last summer!

“Just Add Water” published!

It is always special when you are published, but it is particularly so when your article is featured in a photography magazine AND one of your photos makes the cover page! This is what has happened this month with the publication of “Just Add Water” in Dynamic Range. It goes without saying that I am particularly chuffed!  

Take It Easy

Another Article Published

This one is for our family in France, a flash back to the wonderful experience we had last winter when we cruised together for the very first time.  It seems so long ago, but a welcome reminder of the special time we shared.

Nautical Photography in Action

If you can’t sail because your boat is 1200 nautical miles away, you can certainly play with photos and relive amazing adventures.  So today we have two offerings to share with you: a photo book of our wonderful winter cruise in Queensland, and an article about nautical photography.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!