One Four Challenge – January Week Two

The One Four Challenge for January is now into its second week.  This is a fantastic photo processing project hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me whereby we work on editing an image in four different way over four weeks.

This week’s Process – Swirls

For this week’s processing I have been a little hesitant, wanting to restore some detail in the wings and beak of my spoonbills, without going back to a ‘purist’ photograph.  I have to add that I am also short on time and power, since we are still sailing on our catamaran, which means I cannot always count on internet coverage in an anchorage and enough electricity production from the solar panels to do a lot of experimenting with my image!  Excuses, excuses…

So this week’s offering is simple: I have taken the slightly edited version of the original with greater contrast and saturation, and put it through the “Tangled FX” app, using the Swirls effects.  I have tweaked the colour boost and contrast again, and Voila!

Week 2 - Swirls

Week 2 – Swirls

I like the result: clear, crisp reeds in the background, texture in the foreground and greater detail in the wings and beaks.

Here are the two processes to date as well as the original, so you see the progression:

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As usual, your comments are welcome.  Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out other participants’ work through this link to the One Four Challenge tag.

38 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January Week Two

  1. I like this image and what you’re doing with it. This week has some things going for it – There is something to be said for getting more detail back into it. I think, though, I like last week’s more.

  2. Hi Chris – I really like this week’s edit again and staying true to your artful explorations 🙂
    The contrast, detail and lightness are wonderful as are the textures.
    These spoonbills look so graceful.
    Wonderful edit Chris 🙂

    • Thanks Cybele for your kindness. Tangled FX is good only in a limited range of shots. It seems to work with the fur on animals, the wings on birds etc, but can be a bit over the top! Not good for soft doll faces I don’t think!😊

  3. Love both the week 1 and week 2 versions – now you’ve got me thinking that I need to try out both Sketchguru and Tangled FX (which actually didn’t tangle the image at all). You make both of them look like so much fun!

  4. Two totally different effects. Really liked the more abstract one last week (my opinion only) but this week with the added bits of detail gives it more interest. Both great edits and looking forward to next weeks Chris.

    • Thanks Lee – agree with, more detail is better! Although the gouache appealed to my amateur painter’s eye, this week’s satisfies my bird watcher’s passion!

  5. I like this better than the last one, the birds looks good and I can see their beeks. The reeds in the background are clearer too. Again well done

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