One Four Challenge – February Week 4

Well here we are in the final processing week for February’s One Four Challenge.  It has come so quickly!  It has been another very interesting month of photo processing.  The challenge is hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me and has been a great source of learning and fun.  I love the interaction with participants, and pick up a lot of ideas this way.

Week 4 Interpretation

For the last edit of the series, I wanted my Chestnut Teal duck to appear as if it is coming out of the darkness into the light.  So using Photoshop Element 9, I applied the filter “Lighting Effects”.  Here are the steps:

  • Apply a colour burn layer as for Week 2
  • Go to Filters, Render, Lighting Effects
  • Select Type: Spotlight
  • Tweaked the angle, intensity, focus and ambience till I was happy

Here is the result:

Week 4 : Lighting Effect

Week 4 : Lighting Effect

I like the effect, which creates a little bit of mystery.  I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

Weeks 1 to 4 Progression

Just as a reminder, here are the four processes for this month, including the original image.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time to vote!

As this is the final week for February, I have included a poll for you to vote for your favourite interpretation.

Thank you for voting and commenting.  Your kind feedback is very welcome.

Be sure to check out other participants’ work, as this challenge attracts some remarkable entries, worth seeing by clicking on the tag One Four Challenge.

28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week 4

  1. All great images. I think my fave is week 3 because I like the textures a lot. But this week’s is good; I’d say you accomplished what you were trying to do.

  2. Week 4 is my favorite! I like the visual of the duck coming out of the dark into the light. It highlights the beautiful shades on its head.

  3. PS SV you left a comment that ended up on my polldaddy. I saw it but am not able to reply on it. Don’t know why it ended up on polldaddy! lol thanks Chris.

    • How odd! Can you tell me what it said?
      I have checked my comments history and the ones relating to you were from a day or two ago and seem to be OK?
      Have I mucked up your poll daddy? If so sorry – Chris

      • here it is and it’s so odd. It’s not with my comments but on the polldaddy thing. So wierd. It’s dated Feb 22. Beautiful Cybele. I really like the subtle overlay technique you use and the pearls are glowing. I voted for this final edit.” Don’t worry as I did see it but almost missed it!!

  4. I really like this week’s version, the mystery you’ve created works nicely. I voted for this week, but I also like weeks 2 & 3 too. 🙂 Great edits this month.

  5. Hi Chris – made it 😃 I did try commenting a few times earlier, but WP kept eating them…
    I like this ‘coming out of the dark’ image and the idea. The marbled water was my fave for February though. Good work Chris 😃😃

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