Red sky in the morning…

What do sailors do when they are not sailing?  Get up early and take sunrise shots over the ocean of course!  Red sky in the morning, sailors’ warning? Not this time – it was sailors’ delight!

We knew it was going to be good: Warm northerly change and few clouds after several very overcast days…  So Wade gently woke me up at 6.00am.  “Time to get up Miss Cricri, it will be worth it!”  While Wade was getting ready for a surf, I got showered and dressed, grabbed my camera and tripod, and walked down to the beach in total darkness, cyclops headlight on!

Oh by the way, I am now the proud owner of a brand new Canon 7D Mark ii.  It arrived a few days earlier and I have busily been reading the manual ready for a weekend of experimentation. So I took the beast – it’s bigger than my 60D – nervously set up in the dark on the wet sand, trying to work out how to switch to remote shutter release!  “Oh no, I should have set this up last night…  I’m gonna miss the light show!”  Till finally I looked at my LCD screen and there it was in a big fat display…  Duh!   I was just looking at the wrong spot!

jan Juc Sunrise

f/20, 1 sec, ISO 200, 35mm focal length

Minor panic over, I started taking shots as the colourful spectacle unfolded…  Wow!  This would have to be one of the best sunrises I have witnessed: the sky was on fire, the reds and oranges were reflected on the water, slow shutter speed softening the waves, just breathtaking.  The blaze over the water lasted well over half an hour.  Plenty of time to unhurriedly click away and simply enjoy this sunrise wonder, on my lonesome. The most superb scene, the sound of the waves, and no one else around apart from a few surfers running to the waves!

Bird Rock & Juc Cliffs

Cirrus clouds over Bird Rock & Juc Cliffs

Then I turned around: Bird Rock and the golden Jan Juc cliffs were beautiful in the gentle light.  And just as I was thinking ‘the sun has not appeared yet’, a red ball of fire rose over the water.

By 7.45, it was bright daylight.  I climbed back up the 135 steps to the top of the cliff and walked home, smiling from ear to ear.  An hour of pure bliss!  Was it worth getting up early?  You be the judge!

22 thoughts on “Red sky in the morning…

    • I’m sure there will be other times when you will be here😊 last night would have been perfect for a milky way shoot but I thought I’d keep that experiment for a time when you can teach me!

      • Well I think the big test will be birds, which is where the speed will come in. It certainly feels like a step up… Lots of functions I didn’t have on the 60D. I won’t outgrow that one in a hurry!

  1. This judge says fantastic, Chris. The shots are superb, a real delight to the senses. Would have been a great experience

  2. Wonderful post. There is nothing better than being in a location like this all by yourself, and Nature decides to reward you with a spectacular display.

  3. Oh I’m so glad you didn’t keep these to yourself! Unbelievably breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing – these images will live on in my memory for a long time to come, Chris. Lucky, lucky you and lucky us 🙂

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