Macro practice

What do you do on a ‘non-sailing’ weekend?  Get out there with a macro lens and play!

Despite the wind and the cold of this last weekend, the camera got out of the bag. It was fun wondering around, getting close and personal to spectacular eucalyptus blossoms, richly coloured autumn leaves, humble weeds, fragrant lavender, busy bees looking for nectar… plenty of subjects to practise on!

Without further ado, here is a gallery of a few images.  Click on the first image to display in full screen slide show.

15 thoughts on “Macro practice

    • Hi Mike, the bugs were everywhere! The bees were particularly active and it was a challenge to get clear shots with their swift buzzing around and the wind blowing!

      • Ah, you’ve described the joys and the challenges of macro shooting–the combination of a moving subject and the wind greatly complicates the task.

      • I had trouble with the wind yesterday in the Fitzroy gardens. I have quite a few flowers in my garden so I might do some of those this week. Yes, I’ve been experimenting with some processing, which has been really nice.

  1. That looks wonderful!!
    Just one question: with the bees flying around, can you let me know your definition of “cold”? (am posting from Nothern Germany in the middle of an April heatwave of 9°C….) 😉

    • 😀 Ok Hubert I can sheepishly say it was 13C which in April in Australia is not very warm! Today was even worse at 11 degrees. I can hear your giggling in the background – no pity from you… i can tell!

      • ok, just a little bit of giggling… I believe that every region should stick to its seasons, and enjoy them as they are. So all fine… spring has started here, bees waking up… take care!

  2. Great images! I love how you know the names of the flowers and the bugs! My favorite is the spent dandelion, I have a special love of dandelions. 😀

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