Published in Australian Multihull World!

Very exciting news: our article “Far from the maddening crowds” has hit the May/June issue of Australian Multihull World.  As anyone who has written articles and submitted photographs for publication will know, it’s always a treat to see your work in print!

Issue 132 Cover_edited-1This is a sister article to the one we published in Cruising Helmsman in April, about cruising the NSW coast of Australia.  Same subject of course, but written differently, with its own set of photos and directed at the multihull sailors.

To view or download the article, go to the Published page of our website, under the Destinations section.  Enjoy a sailing holiday without leaving home!

28 thoughts on “Published in Australian Multihull World!

    • Yes cover boy hasn’t made it to AMW yet! Glad you like the article… I had to re- read it to remind me of how I wrote it and concluded it’s different enough from the one published in Cruising Helmsman!

  1. Congratulations Chris and Wade!

    Why not more photos of yourselves in the articles? More mellow? Fear of fame?

    • Howdy Craig ! The yachties are more interested in the boats and anchorages than our ugly mugs! And we don’t want cover boy to get a big head😉

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