One Four Challenge – May Week 2

We are in week two of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  This photography challenge is about processing one image in four different ways over four weeks.

My goal this week is to bring out details in my image, taken on a grim morning at Banyule Flats, a beautiful wetland in inner Melbourne.  I want to reveal cloud patterns reflected in the billabong, emphasise those dead red gum trees standing like ghosts in the water.

Week 2 Process

To do so, starting from my Week 1 edit, I used the Nik Color Efex plug-in and selected the Tonal Contrast pre-set, then tweaked the brightness, contrast and structure sliders till I was happy with the effect.  Here is the result:

Banyule Flats

Week 2 – Tonal Contrast

Just as a reminder, here is the progression from the original to this week’s edit:

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Your feedback and comments are welcome.

To check out other participants’ creative work, click on this link to the One Four Challenge.

28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – May Week 2

  1. Chris it really is starting to show up the details beautifully and the sky does look great! You know I didnt notice the black posts? last week. Cant believe it! 😜 Looking forward to the next versions 😃

    • Thanks Robyn. It’s a hard image because the dawn was so grey and dim… But it’s a good one to learn with. I have gone back there, hoping for a nicer morning, but to no avail. Will keep trying though as it has a soul and I want to see it in all its glory.

      • Oh yes, keep visiting – it looks like such a beautiful place.
        For this challenge image Chris – have you considered raising exposure slightly and then adjusting the levels and/or curves? Food for thought.
        Are you using PS, LR or both? Hope youre enjoying it 😃

      • Thanks Robyn – will play with that on the weekend. Using PS and LR. I’m in Brisbane for work this week and without my toys!

  2. I love the contrast slider 🙂 The sky comes to life for sure as does the reflection. You might be surprised with how much more you can get with the ND Filter tool, I play and play with that tool when I want a sky to pop, you might be surprised what is hiding there. Upping the exposure as Robyn suggested sounds like a great idea too. I am enjoying how this one is progressing. It has a very powerful feel to it.

  3. I like how this edit has brought out the detail in the image. I particularly like the reflections of the clouds in the water that weren’t visible before. 🙂 Great edit!

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