One Four Challenge – Week 3

We are now in week three of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  This photography challenge is about processing one image in four different ways over four weeks. My objective this week is to strip the image of colour, and give it an old fashion look.  The Banyule Flats are a grassy wetland adjoining the Yarra River.  As the river changed course, meandered and flooded over millennia, it created billabongs and wetlands.  So there is significant history to the area and I want to highlight it in this week’s edit.

Week 3 Process

This week’s interpretation involves converting my original image to a monochrome in Photoshop.   Here are the steps:

  • Used my week 1 edit as the base, then adjusted the exposure and the curves to bring in more light.
  • Moved to Nik Silver Efex plug-in and selected the High Structure pre-set, then tweaked the sliders, maintaining the brightness, but lowering the contrast and structure a little
  • Added a sepia tone, light vignette and frame to give the image a nostalgic feel.

I like the old fashion details in this version.  I also like the contrast as it really makes the dead eucalyptus trees and the cloud reflections stand out. Here is the result:

Banyule Flats

Week 3 – Monochrome

Just as a reminder, here is a slide show with the original and my edits to date:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your comments and feedback are welcome. Do check out other challenge participants’ creative work, by clicking on this link to the One Four Challenge.

27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 3

    • Oh that’s a very kind comment, Robyn. I had a few different attempts that I wasn’t totally happy with, until I settled on this one. It pays to ask yourself ‘what is the feel you want to project’… then it all falls into place.

  1. Amazing what a little Tonal Contrast will do (Week 2(, but I think I prefer this version so far. It does have a nostalgic feel to it!

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