Seventh Heaven

I have never had three days straight, dedicated entirely to photography. So this last weekend was a special treat:

  • time exploring the Mornington Peninsula, somewhere I rarely go to
  • concentrated time with friend and photography mentor Leanne Cole
  • a workshop on astrophotography ran by Leanne

Three days of intense photography practice: sunrises, sunsets, Milky Way shoot, lots of experimentation with long exposure and ND filters – in short I was in seventh heaven! I learnt a lot just through playing with filters, exposure time, camera settings, and just hanging around with a pro!  I loved photographing the Milky Way and the odd shooting star, I loved slowing down the waves as if we could halt time and tide, I had fun taking colourful sunrise pictures even when it was still dark – I never realised how much light can be captured by the camera sensor even in darkness… the wonders of long exposures and slow shutter speed. We took so many and varied images, but boy were we aching everywhere by the end of the weekend.  Getting up before dawn, walking for miles across soft sand, climbing up and down hundreds of steps, checking out this cliff, that beach, that pier, rugging up for a very cold but exhilarating night shoot… all with camera, tripod and photographic paraphernalia on our back!  And of course, hours at the computer at night, with a glass of red or two, checking out our creative work! Here is a selection of images from a very satisfying 3 days.

24 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven

  1. Spectacular images, Chris. I can’t decide if I like the waterscapes more or the Milky Way shots–I am glad I don’t have to choose. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and learned a lot–it’s great when you can do both. I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who has a glass or two of red when processing my images. 🙂

    • Hi Mike – glad you enjoyed the images. And yes the glass of red is a must, especially when applying the dodging tool or making your watermark wavy!

  2. I’m kinda speechless!! Your photography’s are absolutely exquisite!! Maybe one day I will get over my aversion to flying and go to Australia for a weekend photography trip with Leanne too!!! We don’t have any places like where you were in FL. I really have to get a ND filter and do some long exposures!! Beautiful…

    • You made my morning Kirsten! Such a nuce thing to say – thank you for the kind feedback – and yes get a ND filter and play … And getting yourself over here too!

      • I’m working on the ND filter, the flying over there is on my back burner. I actually have friends over there who I could stay with so I do need to try a bit harder 🙂

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