October One Four Challenge – Week Four

This is the final week in the October One Four Challenge, a photo processing project hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  Although this is my last interpretation on the subject of grief, I wish it was the end of our sorrow.  We all know that we will never stop missing those who leave a void in our life.

Week Four : Emergence

With time, colour, shapes and a sense of purpose return.  But life will never be the same for Dad, for my sister Véronique, and for me.  You never totally recover from loss.  You pick up some of the pieces, but many of them are different and a few are missing.

October Week Four - Emergence

October Week Four – Emergence

Here is the process I used for this week’s interpretation:

  • Using the edited original image (with the heavy branch on the top right hand side cloned out), I uploaded it in FotoSketcher
  • Selected the pre-set “Emergence 2” and added texture
  • Opened the edited image in Photoshop and did the following:
    • Added a duplicate layer and included a frame
    • Lowered the exposure in the frame
    • Added the words “Emergence” at the bottom of the frame, using the French Script font at 20% opacity
    • Applied my watermark which is placed on one of the tree trunks at 10% opacity

I like the effect of the Emergence pre-set.  Light, colour and shape are returned with even more intensity than the original image, yet the view is fragmented, like a mosaic with some pieces missing.

Here is the entire progression for the month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your feedback is appreciated, as are your kind comments throughout this month. This image editing journey has helped me process some of my feelings.  I hope I have honored Mum’s memory, and highlighted the huge place she and Dad hold in my heart.  I will now end this post by saying:

Grief is the price we pay for love.

But nothing can separate us from the ones we love, not time, not distance, not even death.

As usual, I encourage you to review the wonderful work of other participants in this photo processing project, by clicking on the One Four Challenge tag.

21 thoughts on “October One Four Challenge – Week Four

  1. Un voyage très difficile Chris, c’est vrai qu’on oublie jamais, mais j’espère que cette dernière image te trouve sur un chemin plein des bons souvenirs et des pensées moins douloureuses.

    • Tu as raison Jane, on ne peut jamais oublier. Mais avec le temps les choses s’améliorent et la peine est moins intense. Merci de tes pensées.

  2. Our art is often a reflection of our interior paysage and the progression of your images clearly illustrates that reality. Your life has changed irrevocably, but hopefully the passage of time and the presence of happy memories will help you as you move forward, however haltingly that process may occur.

  3. This one is very encouraging for the path of loss, but as you say it’s not the original view because it will never feel the same again. I’m glad to hear the heavy weight is lessening. My favorite this month is edit from week 2 waves of sorrow. It really moved me, felt so raw, and so emotional.

    • Thanks Nic – I didn’t put a poll this month as the whole series was about using creativity to process feelings, rather than getting feedback on photo editing. But yes the week 2 was powerful and seemed to resonate with a few people.

  4. Chris, I’m so glad you decided to share this journey with us visually this month. This is a beautiful finish. Beautiful words and wise too. Thanks Chris xx

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