November One Four Challenge – Week Three

The One Four Challenge for November is in its third week.  This is a fun and very useful photo processing project hosted this month by Nic, whereby we work on an image of our choice and process it in four different ways over four weeks.

Week Three Interpretation

My intention this week is to visually represent the flight path of the dragonfly through the grasses, echoing its apt name “the banded flutterer”.  This gives me the chance to apply some of the techniques I am learning from the Photoshop Artistry course I am currently taking. It is fun to try different effects and I am slowly getting a little more comfortable with layers, masks and composites.

In Photoshop, using the week one edit as the base image, I did the following:

  • Created a background copy and applied a graduated filter all around the dragonfly at 80% opacity, which had the effect of creating a strong vignette, however found the image was now too dark!
  • Added a curves layer and an exposure adjustment layer to brighten the image and make it a little more luminous around the dragonfly
  • Created another layer and imported a custom vector graphic file from the Photoshop Artistry library showing colored swirls that mimic the flutters of the dragonfly
  • Fiddled with the size of the graphic and placement over the dragonfly image
  • Found some of the graphic was going over the wings, so masked some parts of the swirls
  • Finally added the watermark and used the free transform tool to make it follow the shape of one of the swirls

Here is the result – a bit out there, but it was fun to experiment and apply what I learnt from the second module of the course.

Dragonfly - Week 3

Dragonfly – Week 3

The slideshow displays the progression from the beginning of the month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kind feedback is welcome.  Let me know what you think.

There are quite a few of us taking part in this digital dark room exercise,  so do check out what other participants are doing by clicking on the One Four Challenge link.

19 thoughts on “November One Four Challenge – Week Three

    • I had a lot of fun with this version. It is good to do the course and pick up new techniques, so this challenge is a great opportunity to apply what I am learning. Thanks Sue.

  1. Nice use of vectors, glad to see you are making progress in the PA course, this challenge is a great place to experiment with the new things you learn 🙂

    • Hi Stacey – started the course a while back then had a long pause with family upheaval… Back on it now and learning heaps. Thanks for visiting!

      • I did a similar thing with having to be a student for a while, its good to get stuck back in and fun too 🙂

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