One Four Challenge – February Week 3

Time is marching on with our One Four Challenge for February, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  We are now in week 3 of the photo processing project where by participants work on an image of their choice and over four weeks present different interpretations or editing ideas for their photo.


Week 3 Process

After hesitating for a while, I decided to revert back to the coloured and cropped version of week 1 as the base for this week’s interpretation, but this time wanted to bring out greater brightness and details in the lotus flower.  To do so I worked with the Tangled FX software.  I looked at different presets, in particular the various fibre effects, but selected the “Small Details” option, which kept the effect discreet and natural looking, but added an extra sparkle to the heart of the lotus flower.

I made the following additional adjustments:

  • Set the Effect Scale Factor at 1.00 which had the effect of bringing the lotus bloom in closer focus.
  • Increased the Colour Boost (+63%) and Gamma (+16%) which gave me the desired effect on overall brightness and intensity in the yellow centre.
  • Kept the Contrast and Hue Shift at 0, to keep the gentle tones and details of the original image

Here is the result:

Lotus - Week 3

Lotus Week 3

Just as a reminder, here is the progression to date:

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Let me know what you think of this version.

To see what other participants to the challenge are up to, click on the badge below.


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week 3

  1. I think it’s stunning Chris! The petal edges seem to glow as does the centre yellow. Just a beautifully successful week. I’m not familiar with Tangled FX, but it seems to be a great tool. Just love the Lotus Flower Chris. Such a wonderful specimen.

    • The lotus is a really interesting and beautiful flower – one if my favourites. Ad fir the Tangled FX app it’s fun with some restraint. You can go way over the top with it, but used in a subtle way it’s nice.

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