Barren Heaven

There is not a lot to do while we wait to be hauled out at Mackay. Yes still waiting, but changes are afoot! More on this in the next post. So let’s go back to a wild and beautiful little bit of heaven: Barren Island, one of the less frequented and more remote islands of…

Passage to Mackay

The past week saw us leaving the Keppels earlier than planned to sail north to the shipyard at Mackay and attend to our dog clutch problems.

Dusky Butterflyfish and Blue Pullers

The highs and lows of Reef health

When we take family or friends to the Reef, we want to share the sense of wonder we feel and show them how beautiful and precious a healthy reef is. But the reality is that some reefs exhibit signs of disease and degradation and we want to show this too, even if it breaks our…