Carnation soft corals and anemone at North Solitary

More Solitary Explorations

This week we have continued our explorations around the Solitary Isles but had to be very patient with uncooperative weather. Just as well we were not on a schedule! While we were waiting for favourable conditions to visit the northern islets, we stayed based in Coffs Harbour.

Solitary Explorations

This week we are exploring the Solitary Islands Marine Park, a place where the warm waters of the East Australian Current meet cooler waters from the south. Tropical, subtropical and temperate marine life come together, making for some interesting snorkeling.

Party Time at Port Macquarie

Our friends Warrick and Lisa finally decided to tie the knot after living together for 20 years. It was also Waz’s 60th birthday! As you know we sailed down from the Gold Coast to Port Macquarie to celebrate with them.