On Making Our Mark

It is really hard to make your mark when the boat you have acquired is so aligned to your own taste, so close to what you would choose if you had constructed it yourself. How do you to it? Do you need to do it? Who is making a mark on whom?

All Work, No Play on Anui

Getting the work done on Anui is a demanding time. As usual with boating maintenance, things end up taking longer than planned, unexpected discoveries throw up challenges and we will end up staying in the wet berth at The Boat Works for 10 days, not 5. Costs build, but we are locked in and just have…

New Year, New Adventures

What better way to start the new year than by trying new things: sailing on our beautiful Anui, and experimenting with a short video! It is a bit amateurish, but we will refine the filming and editing with practice…  We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel. It is all new to us, but…

Merry Festive Season

To our followers, friends and family, all our best wishes for a merry festive season. We hope these few days are a joyful time for you all. Spending time with family and doing things you love is precious.

New Beginnings

A couple of posts ago we dropped our bombshell about hoping to have found a successor to our beloved Take It Easy. Well after the longest two weeks ever we are delighted to announce we are the very proud owners of Anui, a 52ft (15.9m) Crowther with dagger boards.