Southern Whitsundays Series – Scawfell, St Bees, Keswick

The islands of the Southern Whitsundays are little frequented by yachties, other than as convenient stopovers on the way to somewhere else! We had been told these islands are worth exploring and we agree. In this post we take you to Scawfell, St Bees and Keswick Islands, where we spent five days. We were itching…

Southern Whitsundays

We are now in the southern part of the Whitsundays, and area just northeast of Mackay. This post retraces our sails northward from the Keppels. We have been out of internet coverage ever since, so forgive our silence!

Spansih Dancer Nudibranch

Keppels Magic

It is still really windy, up to 30 knots during the day, the swell wraps around the headlands even at anchor, and there are rainy spells, but nothing stops us: we explore ashore, snorkel and the Keppels do not fail to spin their magic.