Chilcott Islet Aerial

Rock & Rolly Chilcott Islet

The wind was still blowing at 15-18 knots when we reached Chilcott Islet, part of the Coringa Group. We selected Chilcott as the more protected anchorage of the two islets in the group, but it was not a comfortable spot, particularly on the first night. However we resisted the temptation to move on straight away…

East Diamond Islet

Our first Coral Sea anchorage and longest stay was at East Diamond Islet. Why do they call it Diamond? Because it is a diamond of an anchorage, and the ocean sparkles like nowhere else we have been. We stayed there for 8 days through calm and not so calm conditions. Here is why.

East Diamond Islet anchorage

Our Coral Sea Adventure

We are back! After a remarkable three weeks adventure in the Coral Sea when we often ran out of superlatives to describe what we were experiencing and seeing, we have a lot to share and have decided to do this over several posts.