Take It Easy at Bermagui

Hops along the South Coast

In our quest to head to the tropics, every little bit of progress north helps. We are doing small hops along the South Coast whenever the southerlies blow. But as soon as the northerlies take over, we have to stop!

Ready to go again!

It is funny how staying in marinas has never been our thing; they are expensive, they can be noisy and we’d much rather be anchored in the wild! And yet our time at the Batemans Bay Marina has been really pleasant; we each secretly found we were actually enjoying ourselves and finally admitted this to…

Take It not so Easy

We are still at the Batemans Bay Marina and will be for a few more days. However we are making progress. The brand new length of chain has arrived and our new Manson Supreme anchor is on its way from Sydney. The rudder shaft has been straightened, a good thing, but it is not absolutely perfect, not such…

Delights and Dramas!

It is interesting how after nearly 18 years of sailing together on catamarans, we are still learning! There is nothing like a weather pounding, gear problems and silly mistakes to keep you on your toes and feeling humble. Here is an update on our trials and tribulations.

Storm approaching

Stormy Weather

It is not always life in paradise on a boat, especially in stormy or rainy conditions.  You do feel you are at the mercy of the elements in inclement weather – even when you are not out there in the rough and tumble, but just simply at anchor, waiting for the storm to pass, the…