A few days at Port Macquarie

We can tell that the northerlies are starting to establish themselves, but it is a little earlier than we hoped and might limit how far north we can get before we need to come back south. We have a few medical issues to attend to with our respective specialists and of course our trip to…

Spinning out!

The past 6 weeks since starting our life afloat have been a series of confrontations with strong windy conditions that really are making us spin out!

Sunshine Blogger Award!

A few weeks ago, while we were still cruising around Bass Strait, fellow yachties nominated our site for the Sunshine Blogger Award, in recognition of our “positive, creative and inspiring” posts.  Ellen & Seth at Gone Floatabout, and a few days later Viki at Astrolabe Sailing were kind enough to think of us. 

sv-takeiteasy is one year old!

A year ago, we took our first steps into running our website.  They were tentative and a little scary! Taking the plunge into the blogosphere has been very rewarding as it has allowed us to interact with people of similar interests all over the world. When anyone asks ‘why do you do it?’, we can think…

Our first blog award!

Liebster Award for sv-takeiteasy Whoo hoo, somebody thinks we are running an award winning blog!  That’s truly amazing!  Fame, glory, adulation, prize money – goodie goodie!  But it actually is not quite as glamorous…  A bit of research showed us that the Liebster Award is not so much a blog award but a way of discovering some new websites that…