A few days at Port Macquarie

We can tell that the northerlies are starting to establish themselves, but it is a little earlier than we hoped and might limit how far north we can get before we need to come back south. We have a few medical issues to attend to with our respective specialists and of course our trip to France for Christmas.  But for now, we are enjoying Port Macquarie with our friends Waz and Lisa.  It is so nice to be spoilt!

Arrival at Port Macquarie

Arrival at Port Macquarie

We had a quiet crossing of the bar and went up the Hastings River to anchor in front of our friends’ house.


In front of Waz and Lisa’s place


Take It Easy from the shore


Misty morning on the Hastings

Our friends have been posties, like Sue was.  Remember the old twin tub washing machine drama? Well we ordered a new one which got delivered here. What we thought woud be fun and games to get the old machine off the boat and the new one on board in our dinghy on the Hastings River went just fine!  Easy Peasy, literally!

Our time with Waz and Lisa has been wonderful.  Between tasty meals, bike rides and trips offshore for fishing, sailing and whale watching, we have had a ball!


Wade, Waz and Lisa on board


A rare photo of the photographer, thanks to Lisa!


And one of the love birds!

We are in Port Macquarie for a another day or two, and will probably head off to Coffs Harbour on Wednesday, when a day of southerly allows us to continue our trip north. We are hoping to spend some time at the Solitary Islands over the weekend for some snorkeling or diving.

Coffs & Solitaries


14 thoughts on “A few days at Port Macquarie

    • Yes it is a really nice place. Waz was a client of mine and him and Lisa became good friends. It is raining now which was very much needed, but a bit soggy on the boat. We are moving to town today for reprovisioning and to exit early tomorrow.

  1. What a life! You really know how to spend your free time. Every place that you visit is gorgeous! I’m happy for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, We are very happy to offer you some of the southerlies we are getting if you want them to counteract your northerlies…. we are in 20 odd knots at the moment, and they are expected to reach 30 over the next few days or so….. of course our aim is south so we very much understand the challenge. Cheers Trish

      • Of course, you could just sit and hunker in a nice spot. Not everyone returns to the southern states at the end of the sailing season… quite a few use planes for short trips (or grandchildren’s birthdays! – something we don’t have to worry about). Despite intentions of getting up the Clarence River (we didn’t quite make it), we spent the summer of 2015/2016 around Brisbane (and put up with all the weather patterns that entailed) which meant we were at a higher latitude in order to start the next sailing season. 🙂

      • Oh well this year we haven’t got the option… both of us have to be in Melbourne for serious medical reviews, then flying to France for 6 weeks. When we get back we sail at the beginning of Feb right around Tassie. The reef will be for next winter.

  3. Yes, well those conditions do dictate location somewhat. With the south westerlies here I will not be surprised if we don’t get to Perth for Christmas…we are going with the flow however and will let the weather decide.. but I am sorry we won’t connect in Tassie. We do miss you! xxx

    • We think of you often and hope your descent along the west coast is not too hard. We’ll connect somewhere… in the meantime there is at least our websites and email! Take care 💕

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