Privileged Moments

Some days you feel lucky; you experience some privileged moments: it might be a whale powerfully beating its fluke on the water surface, another breaching time and time again, or a little crested tern stopping by for a rest at our bow, or the brilliant oranges and yellows of the late afternoon sun reflected on the calm ocean, or the sight of a fortress as we reach port.


This lob tailing went on repeatedly

This was very much the case for our passage from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour.  The sail was nothing to write home about, in fact it was slow against the East Coast current, and we needed both engines to cover the 68 miles in daylight. We did it in 13 long hours, but there were lots of blissful escapes when we were totally absorbed in the moment. Our passage ended gloriously at dusk with our arrival at the unmistakable breakwater of Coffs Harbour. And yesterday a sunny day, a walk, a surf for Wade, some seafood from the Fishing Coop… just perfect!


Coffs Harbour breakwater wall looking like a fortress

And our feeling of being lucky continues as we welcome back Waz and Lisa on board Take It Easy today, for a long weekend of diving at the Solitary Islands. They managed to escape from work early and found sitters for their doggies Bindi and Rusty. So the next post is sure to focus on our underwater adventures!

21 thoughts on “Privileged Moments

  1. Hi Chris
    These photos are terrific. This is the passage we hope to make from Sydney once Phil retires & we have time to spend along the way. My brothers house looks out at the Solitary Is. & my sisters & families live in Coffs & Sawtell. Our family holidays as kids was to Woolgoolga from New England tablelands so this area of the coast holds many special memories. I hope you have a very enjoyable time there. The Coffs Marina, before the big storms, was like an aquarium with the most amazing array of sea life. I can only imagine diving around the Solitary Is would be magical. Look forward to your photos

    • You have family all along the coast! It’s great. The Marina is still being fixed and we are anchored outside the big jetty. Let’s hope the diving goes well… feeling a bit rusty!

  2. Wonderful sights to keep as memories forever…how giving is Nature, how precious our lives! 🙂

  3. Wow! Wonderful shots and incredible experiences. Somehow it brings to mind a line from a country music song, “Life’s not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away…”

  4. It certainly has been a fantastic way to start your retirement, you have been so lucky and while it is disappointing I’m not seeing it, it is good to see the photos.

  5. Great to see you surfing Wade! Beautiful clear water. Were you by yourself?



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