Guests are Golden

Yachties often say you don’t want friends or family to stay on board too long. But we feel differently about that; we had Wade’s cousins Grant and Deb with us for 3 days, and it just was not enough. Great sailing, snorkeling, sightseeing, feasting were had!

Take It Easy at Butterfly Bay

Mooring Shuffle

We finally left Airlie Beach last Saturday, headed for Stonehaven Anchorage on the northwest shores of Hook Island, in the hope that we would go from there to the outer Reef. The weather however has slowed the pace down a little with stronger south-easterlies than we want to be at an exposed reef. So instead,…

Out with the beast!

Butterfly Bay on Great Keppel Island has more treasures to reveal.  A morning walk towards the Western side of the island, to Svendsen Beach, promises to be a rich photo opportunity for birds.  So this time, we take “the beast” with us: the Canon 100-400 lens.  It is a big heavy lens, but it is…