Beyond the Barrier published!

Our first article for 2019 was published in the January 2019 issue of Cruising Helmsman! What a cracking way to start the new year! This relates to a few of our Outer Reef escapades and our learnings about the ideal conditions for hassle free anchoring and snorkeling at the reef.

Published Articles about Life Afloat in July

We have had another good month for publications!  Our articles seem to always cluster around the May to August period, typically after we have returned from holiday cruising and put pen to paper.  It might become a little more spread out throughout the year now that cruising is our life! 

Huge month in Cruising Helmsman

Our shipwright’s email said “Congratulations on the publication of a fine shot of Big Red!”  “What shot is he referring to??” – “Don’t know;  maybe you have an article published!” said Wade. A quick check of the Cruising Helmsman website gave us the answer:  not only have we got two articles published in the June…