January 2020 publications

We are now at the Yarra’s Edge Marina! It is good to have a change of scenery right in the heart of the city. It will be easier to get off the boat for medical stuff… easy too to clean the mud off it with the fire hose after the last dust storm! This should be the last period of about ten days we spend in Melbourne. So keep your fingers and toes crossed people! But this is not what this post is about! For now go and get yourself a cuppa and a comfy chair and read on! You have reading and dreaming to do!

January 2020 has been eventful, not just for boat maintenance. We have had a big month for publication with articles in both Australian Multihull World and Cruising Helmsman. It takes us back to our happy place: The Great Barrier Reef!

Paradise Found

Australian Multihull World is publishing “Paradise Found” in the January/February issue which takes you to beautiful coral cays. We are delighted with this story, not only because the large number of photos gives a good feel for those idyllic spots we so enjoyed on the Great Barrier Reef, but also because the ‘hero’ shot, a two page spread, shows our beautiful Anui and our adventurous ship’s cat Bengie. To read Paradise Found, click on the image below. The article is also filed under our Published Page, Destinations section.

Caught in the Outer

The second article – “Caught in the Outer” – published by Cruising Helmsman is a bit of a mixed bag! Editor Phil Ross had three of my articles and sets of photos on his desk. Two were accepted: the Southern Whitsundays and the Giant Thorn in the Reef’s Side, and the third On the Outer was not. But to my surprise, Phil ended up combining the two stories on the Reef and Crown-of-Thorn Starfish into this large feature article – nice – but got photographically confused and used the Whitsunday shots to illustrate some of it and did not print that story – what?? So although it is good to be published I have to say it is not what I expected to see… oops!

Anyway, to read this, click on the image below or go to our Published page, destination section. It does provide a good summary of how we managed our time at the Reef.

If you are really interested in a virtual tour with full set of Reef photos, we recommend you go to our Cruise Stories Page, Sailing Anui section or click on this link to “Reef Hopping 2019“.

And for those interested in the Southern Whitsundays, since that article did not get published, here is a link to our full cruise story “Island Hopping in the Southern Whitsundays“, also on our Cruise Stories/Sailing Anui page.

Happy reading and let us know what you think! It is always great to get your reactions and thoughts.

6 thoughts on “January 2020 publications

  1. I look forward to reading the articles. Congrats on being published once again Glad to see you are now in a safer more comfortable place in Melbourne.

  2. Interesting connections can arrive in unexpected ways . . . ! Seeing your comment on a British ex-pat’s French sited blog a few days back brought me straight back to native Australia and parts known, even if on land ! Am afraid my ‘sailing’ has been limited to both motor and sail on Sydney Harbour and Port Philip Bay . . . but have always been drawn to and fascinated by a lifestyle on water ! So hope you do not mind if I quietly read, learn and tag along . . . and perchance dream a little going to bed at night . . . 🙂 !

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