Still in Williamstown

Threatening skies, a dust storm colliding with a strong SW front, heavy rain, 56 knot wind, wild dinghy rides, mud bath on board, huge clean up, brighter days… what a crazy week we have had. And yes, we are still in Williamstown!

Forest of masts at Williamstown
Ominous sky before the dust storm!
Better day… Another sea trial!

As we experience these extreme conditions we can’t help but wonder what lies ahead. They seem to emphasise the uncertainty, abnormality and sadness we are in, both in Australia and personally.

So many things are up in the air. We did not want to sit here and wait but we are: waiting for boat gear to arrive, waiting for problems to get resolved, waiting for medical tests, waiting for worsening news about my Dad, waiting with not a lot to do to take our mind off things. I have always hated waiting, but this takes the cake… We like to be active, we like to look ahead with joy and make plans, but in the circumstances we can’t and it is hard.

Despite the weather madness, gear frustrations and heavy heart, we had some nice interludes: friends and family spent time on board which brought a welcome change of mood!

Australia Day… Flying the Aussie flag!

And we saw a few funny sights out in the bay which caught our attention and that of Bengie and made us smile.

A seal … Just transiting!
What’s that?

16 thoughts on “Still in Williamstown

  1. I’m sorry you guys are stuck in port like this, better days are coming I’m sure. Anui sure is a beauty as is your kitty! 😎😻

  2. Being stuck in Melbourne means you can make accidental surprise 5.30am visits to friends for a wake up coffee! looking forward to the repeat tomorrow.

  3. I saw Anui on the hard at the boat works early 2018 when i bought my cat , she looked very powerful and magical at the same time . I retired at christmas to join the ocean wanderers , since then windlass gave up the ghost , auto pilot the same , motors are now in my garage waiting parts , maybe the waiting increases the anticipation . Hopefully you will get everything sorted soon . Might see you on the water . Enjoy

  4. I’m sorry that things are not going the way that you’d like them to be. Bengie is beautiful! The sleeping seal shot made me smile. Take care, Chris. 🙂

  5. HI Guys We can relate to your waiting game. Short dark dreich Scottish days, and being mostly indoors renovating a bathroom at the moment. At least we have a planned week in the Highlands, hunting for birdlife and otters (with a camera). Enjoyed your ‘wildlife’ pics Chris, a bemused Bengie and serene seal!?!
    Hope your cup of joy and optimism is filled to the brim soon!

    • Hi Elgar & Claire – your week in the highlands sounds great. Can’t wait to see a bit more wildlife too when we head off… a couple more weeks to go – let’s hope!

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