At Yarra’s Edge at last!

After weeks of floating around at Williamstown, we are now at the Yarra’s Edge Marina, right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. It is a lovely change: vibrant, lively and social.

Blue hour at Yarra’s Edge

Getting there

There are two bridges to get under to reach The Docklands: the Westgate and the Bolte. The Westgate is so high that you don’t even worry about it as you motor underneath. Passing under the Bolte Bridge however was a bit more unnerving since we have a very tall mast. You can see the bridge ahead of us in the image below; it looks awfully low! Where are the brakes again? The highest spot in the span is 24 meters; we made a B line for that, with half a meter to spare at mid tide: heads anxiously looking up, hearts beating, hands off the wheel as we slowly crept underneath! No scraping, no tilting, no worries! Phew!!

Facing the Bolte Bridge!
Nearing the Docklands and Yarra’s Edge – Wade gets ropes and fenders ready!
City views par excellence!

We had booked a spot at the “basin” right next to the Web Bridge, but some very large motor boat snicked in there unannounced, making it too difficult for us to get in. Gee, what a shame… For those who don’t know, Chris manoeuvres the boat in and out of jetties and marinas, while Wade is on the ropes! So guess who was doing a happy dance?

We are moored at the outside public pontoon in the Yarra all by ourselves. That cruiser did us a favour really, less stressful manoeuvring, more private berthing and the best of views! For what we hope will be our last week in Melbourne, it is a convenient spot for walks, errants in town and for visiting friends and followers who enjoy the easy dockside access!

Early morning walk up the Yarra

The other advantage of being at Yarra’s Edge is that you can just step ashore for night photography. The evening views are rather spectacular so it’s great with the camera, tripod and long exposures on a stable quay!

Looking towards the Web Bridge and CBD
The Web Bridge
Behind us: the Bolte Bridge on a clear night
Later on the next night, with clouds

What’s next?

The new NKE gear has arrived and we are testing it as we post this today. Everything is crossed in the hope it passes the sea trial: fingers, toes, eyes! As for the medical side, we have our final appointments and results on Tuesday 11th. So if bodies and boat gear have the all clear, we are out of here the next day, headed towards Wilson’s Promontory and the Gippsland Lakes for starters. This should keep us amused for a couple of weeks!

16 thoughts on “At Yarra’s Edge at last!

  1. I’m glad guys made it! I hope the electronics all talk to each other properly, and that’s a dandy view there. Wow! 🥰

  2. Love the Web Bridge especially, great shots of the city.good luck with the results, both of you. Hope the trials go well

  3. Fabulous shots! Night at Yarra’s Edge is amazing (our only photo on (not taken by me) is at night at Yarra’s Edge). How is the weather? We are currently (apparently) under part of a ‘2000 kilometre weather (rain) event’ (according to one news website).

    • Hi Trish, the weather is just fine, very pleasant at the moment! Having fun with night photography… so nice to be able to hop on and off as we please!

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos of one of my favourite cities in the world. Used to fly down weekly at least for business lunches and dinners. Best food, music and theatre in Australia . . . then and now !!! Wonder whether you have been interested and able to visit the riches of the Yarra Valley, the Dandenongs et al . . . ? I would be sorry to leave your priceless berthing site . . . and enter the current sad reality in Gippsland . . .

    • Hi Eha – Being originally from Melbourne we know the area well, so have visited the touristic spots many times. And although we are moored in a prime spot, we are eager to get sailing again after being stuck in this region for two months. A return to the sea, the wind in our sails and quiet anchorages await!

  5. What a nice change for location; and lovely views too ! I do hope (as you do!) for success with the instrumentation after all the trialling !
    Hope to see you when reaching Paynesville. The nearby towns are not directly fire-impacted; but thru lack of business activity.

    • Hi Doug – all going well on the instrumentation side at last. We can’t wait to get to the Lakes, see everybody and spend a bit of money with the local businesses! Let’s hope the Boat Show helps a bit.

  6. Hi guys, lovely pics Chris. Looks a lot calmer up there than the washing machine marina. Hope all is well with the checkups etc. Was good to catchup with you and Wade, I know you’re itching to get back out on the high seas again, so stay safe. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day.

    • Hey Rusty! Really nice to meet you at last and have your company. Yes it is all calm in here – only the morning wake up calls with the rowers who just about touch the boat as they go past! But the views are amazing! Don’t work too hard and remember to have fun too!

  7. We recognise the Goliath, she’s one of our regulars here in the Mersy River. I think (but don’t quote me on this) she ships concrete to the mainland. We are about four or five weeks away from heading over to the Lakes. You will have probably moved on by then, but you never know! We thought we would take some time there: spend a few dollars, before heading up north. All the best with your travels.

    • We might see you there at the Lakes. Wouldn’t you know it after weeks of westerlies, it looks like we’ll have SE when we are ready to go mid next week, so we will turn right instead of left at
      Port Phillip’s Heads as we are itching to sail – definitely don’t want to motor after being stuck for six weeks. So possibly off to Port Fairy first, then the Prom and the Lakes when we can! Would love to catch up with you! Regardless, have a great crossing and make sure you make a few hops around Flinders Island and the Furneaux.

  8. Well done and Welcome home. The kindest thoughts to you both and to Murray and Marie and dear Craig when next you see them Loving you all Pam & Frank joins me.


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