Waiting, waiting!

Yes we are still at the Yarra’s Edge Marina, waiting, waiting for our instruments and our engines to arrive! Only one thing to do for a bit of light relief: behave like tourists in Melbourne and meet up with friends.

So here are some highlights from various outings.

An escape to the Mornington Peninsula with photographer friend Leanne was a good opportunity for some long exposure photography:


Dragon Head Rock at Rye



And a trip up the Yarra River with our friend Ann was a novel way to see Melbourne and Herring Island. “You need your own vessel” said the Parks Officers!  “Vessel” is a grand name for Peasy the dinghy, but it did the job and fitted under the bridges!

2018-02-13 11.26.55

Not everybody realises how ornate the Queensbridge is underneath!

2018-02-13 13.43.04

Approaching Swanson Street Bridge and Southbank

A few of the sculptures at Herring Island, a little way up the Yarra River, all taken with the Struman Optics Fisheye lens on the iphone:

Brilliant sunshine one day, doom and gloom the next complete with dust storm and high winds, heat wave after that: we are in Melbourne after all! But we love it anyway.


Web Bridge reflections, taken from Take It Easy’s sugarscoops


Dust storm descending on Yarra’s Edge

2018-02-12 14.07.35 (1)

The Web Bridge in the heat of the day, when harsh shadows actually work!

8 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting!

  1. Fantastic Chris, had a great time with you on Saturday, not so sure about the March flies, lol. The dingy down the river would have been fun.

  2. Excellent compositions! I think it’s a good idea to treat yourself with activities that you could not do if you were sailing. Take care! 🙂

    • Thanks HJ! You are right, I will as just commenting on how I missed that. We have to be a bit opportunistic! Wade went surfing with his brother and a friend. We both do things we enjoy when we can.

  3. Having a good time in Melbourne is a fun thing to do.. great way to spend time while waiting, waiting, waiting. I hope all comes together for you soon

  4. Have you got any fingernails left! Photos are great as usual.. Would add to your comment about not everybody realising how ornate the Queens Bridge is underneath with not everybody realising how ‘mission brown’ the river normally is (I often describe things as ‘Yarra River mud’ and then have to put it in context for non Victorians)…’ ‘Bit jealous you got to Herring Island as we took the ferry up and didn’t get to land.

    • Yes the colour of the Yarra is very brown! Would not like to swim in that! And the bridges are really low! Once out of the city it is scenic although a bit noisy. We tied up to a tree and had a picnic on the water. Did not think we could get onto Herring Island as there were signs it was closed but it apparently related to one of the river arms which were being de-silted! So we landed our ‘vessel’ and had the place to ourselves. Interesting wood and stone sculptures. It was a nice little diversion.

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