Waiting, waiting!

Yes we are still at the Yarra’s Edge Marina, waiting, waiting for our instruments and our engines to arrive! Only one thing to do for a bit of light relief: behave like tourists in Melbourne and meet up with friends.

Slowing down with Long Exposure

There is something about water that draws and fascinates many of us. No wonder: it is the most omnipresent substance on Earth. I love photographing water, particularly the ocean. I also love clouds. When I am standing on a shore, or look out to sea from our boat or other vantage point, I feel a…

Docklands at blue hour

Melbourne at night

If you ask us to choose between being in the city or being in the ocean, the ocean wins on most occasions!  But sometimes, a wander around the Docklands of Melbourne at night has a special appeal.

Star studded nights

There is nothing more satisfying than to brave the dark and the cold to shoot the Milky Way and come home with a few “keepers” that make you grin from ear to ear.  Two weekends ago, we had overcast, showery days, but the evenings cleared up and it was an opportunity to take some astrophotography shots.

Jan Juc

Never far from the ocean!

We might have had a break from sailing last weekend, but we were not far from the ocean! Having not been to our place down the coast for months, it was nice to rediscover Jan Juc. Sometimes, even a very overcast morning can be fruitful for long exposure photography with friend Leanne Cole.