No fixed address!

We are now without house, without car, without fixed address – a slightly unconventional lifestyle!  At long last our boat Take It Easy is our home, our mode of transport, our life!

Someone once told us “you can’t take two little steps to jump a chasm.  You have to commit and take that big leap. That makes you a bit different in the eyes of many people.” But to us it is the realisation of years of dreaming and planning. So this last week we have taken the big leap: we have moved out of our Melbourne home, I have sold my car, we have put all our belongings in storage. All we can say right now is “thank god it’s over”! We are feeling a bit frazzled and exhausted, but can breathe a sigh of relief. The pictures here tell the story!

The boat has been gracing the visitors’ berth at the Yarra’s Edge Marina for a week while the packing, move and clean up were happening – a rather novel experience.

IMG_0822-2But now it’s even more surreal as we have left the central heating luxury of our house and properly moved on board. There is no going back! All that is left to go through is my work farewell – sure to be a bit emotional, and the big one: trying very hard to lighten the boat, which means removing things we don’t need, as the water line is looking a bit sorry.

We are floating in the heart of Melbourne, and it is quite fun to enjoy Docklands at night. We are here for another week or so, to finish organising our affairs, then the fun really begins. Here are a few photos of our first night as “live aboard’s”!

19 thoughts on “No fixed address!

  1. Congratulations Chris and Wade! This must be like all your Christmases at once! We cant wait to see you pull into the Hastings river once again.

  2. You have arrived, well done. Now to depart on your new life. Well done. Adventures await 😀 🐬

  3. You blutty ripper matey.
    Go north, don’t need to hurry.
    Pick your weather.
    Take your time.
    Slow down.
    Get out of the ‘work’ habits.
    Pick your weather!!!

    • Ok we’ll pick the weather! Definitely outta here as soon as we are sorted… may be end of next week if the weather allows😍 Thanks for visiting. Are you in New Cal??

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