Our Docklands’ Backyard

One of the attractive things about being moored in the heart of Melbourne is the opportunity to wander along the Docklands and the Yarra River.  It can be a very windy place, but spectacular nonetheless in the late afternoon.  The winter light is gentle, the buildings impressive, the skies moody and it is a view of our city we will not see again for a while.  

We were due to leave Docklands on Wednesday, but we are spending another few days here to sort out our finances. My work mucked us up by losing …wait for it… my resignation, which is delaying the set up of my retirement income stream! This is really pathetic for a financial institution and is one source of aggravation we did not need. On the bright side though we have the green light from our medicos to set sails and we now have a bit more time for friends to come and visit before we finally cast off the mooring lines – hopefully on Sunday.

It is novel for all of us to be in such a spectacular location and we might as well enjoy ourselves! So let us show you around our temporary backyard and take you for a wander. As usual, click on the first image to display the gallery in full screen slide show. 


11 thoughts on “Our Docklands’ Backyard

  1. Wow, I hope your employer gets that mess sorted soon, how awful for you both! I hope Sunday sees you tossing the lines!

  2. Spectacular shots, Chris, which are quite a bit different from the subjects you feature more regularly. Bureaucracy, whether it be in the government or in a private business, can be maddening. I hope that all works out well soon.

    • Thanks Mike. Yes the urban setting is different for me, and that is what has made these last 2 or 3 weeks interesting for photography. I probably could have taken more shots but there has been so much to do! As you have gathered, we will be glad to leave the city and bureaucracy far behind and swap our old life for one with less stress and frustration. The count down has started!

  3. Amazing to think of the varied places T.I.E. has moored, from Pt Davey to Lord Howe and in-between. The westerlies have finally arrived here in Tas, so I guess you will have a couple of brisk weeks ahead of you until you reach warmer climes. There is an Easy cat under construction in the sheds across from you. She started life in Cairns, was sold as an unfinished project and trucked to Docklands for completion.

    • Hi guys, yes we know them, Gary and Ann. They have been following our adventures and we actually went to visit them yesterday!
      As for the varied mooring spots, we’d choose Port Davey and Lord Howe over Docklands any day, but it has been quite novel being here and handy to finish sorting out our affairs. Leaving tomorrow! It all feels quite unreal!

      • We visited Gary and Anne in January. Lovely couple, very generous with their time, and their boat will be a beautiful build. All the best with your offing! We are looking forward to reading of your adventures.

  4. Very nice tour of the docks, Thanks! Got to this post late on Saturday night here in eastern US, so perhaps you are on the way out on Sunday morning as I write this. If so, bon voyage!

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