D Day – We are on our way!

After two months of transitioning from life on land to life afloat, we are on our way, feeling a bit frazzled but elated. At long last, Sunday 30 July, we cast off the mooring lines and left behind modern trappings, the city, the noise and the bureaucracy to sail into the future! From now on, we will live a simpler life. We want to extract what we can from nature: wind, water, sun. We will make do with what we have got: limited space, limited gear, but a limitless outlook. To be out there, you need to be a bit “out there”. It is not for everybody, but it is right for us.


The motley crew

Our dear friends Ann and Greg accompanied us for the first two days of our escape out of Port Phillip Bay, along the Victorian Coast to Cleeland Bight at Phillip Island. It is magic to be underway and it is special to start this new season in our life with our adventurous friends on board. Momentous times shared are made even more precious.

Here are a few images of this huge highlight in our life. As usual, click on the first image to display in full screen slide show.



29 thoughts on “D Day – We are on our way!

  1. Congratulations Chris and Wade. We have never met you, but we share your excitement. Every blessing for your next season. Godspeed T.I.E!

    • Thanks Pete and Deb. We might see you next summer/autumn when we circumnavigate Tassie. For now we are in the bitter cold and fog headed for the Prom!

  2. Yeah and you are away. Hoping to follow your progress on marine watch. Have fun , it is warm today in Sydney, lots of sun. That’s what you are coming to

    • Hi Sue – its freezing here but sunny too. We dropped Greg & Ann off and left Phillip Island in fog and freezing cold first thing this morning! We are headed for Oberon Bay at Wilsons Promontory.

  3. Congratulations Chris and Wade on making the ‘land separation’ ! I take it you are heading northwards; maybe I’ll see you in Qld. I am flying to Maloolaba Aug 15th, then sailing a new Fontaine Pajot (Helia) to Hammo. Late in Sept, will be delivering same one back to Melb. Can follow you on Marine Traffic anyway.

    • Thanks Doug – heading for the Prom right now and we’ll probably stop at the Lakes for provisioning. Then we’ll turn left after Gabo and head north. Trying to escape the cold ASAP! It’s bitterly cold on the water, but it’s good to be on our way.

  4. Congratulations guys, I might see you when you arrive at Mooloolaba,Have a great sail .Cheers Mal

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