A lack lustre Ribbon Reef #5

Life on the Ribbon Reefs is going along fine, although the snorkels are lack lustre. We have sunshine, light conditions, a leisurely pace. When not in the water we read, develop photos, snooze, eat, muse at our surroundings. We move every few days and see what we can find.

Cautious Optimism

Over two weeks have passed since getting back to Cairns from the Coral Sea! Time has flown – a week doing errands and catching up with friends, a week at the Outer Reef which filled us with cautious optimism. So here is what we have been up to.

Last stop: Holmes Reef West

We had spent the previous three weeks anchored in front of various islets, always with a strip of land however small to hide behind. This time we were sheltered behind a reef wall with only tiny little sand cays that disappear at high tide and tend to shift with the seasons, so are not even…