Low Isles Aerial

Last stretch to Cairns

For the last stretch of our Far North Queensland Reef Adventure, we headed close to shore to Low Isles, then Double Island. But we could not resist a last reef visit to Michaelmas Cay before sailing back to Cairns to drop Murray and Maree off for their return home.

Discovering Hope and Pickersgill

On our slow return south from Lizard Island, we dropped down to an area less battered by howling winds and explored a couple of spots we had not been to before, discovering Hope Island and Pickersgill Reef.

Marked difference between Ribbon Reefs 7 & 10

It is disturbing to observe marked differences between Ribbon Reefs. We are not sure what helps one reef recover and the next just a few miles on look terribly sad. But there was a marked difference between #7 which was in recovery, and #10 which was barren. We will have visited three of the 10…