Aerial Acrobatics

There is something about the waters around Port Stephens that is so appealing! We left Broughton earlier this week, headed for Swansea, at the head of Lake Macquarie.  What a treat of aerial acrobatics by gannets and whales alike! So we could not resist showing you the delights of our passage.

Close Encounters

When it comes to whale watching, we have hit the jackpot. Every single day we have seen several, sometimes at a distance, but at times we have had close encounters. We will never tire of seeing these magnificent creatures.

Privileged Moments

Some days you feel lucky; you experience some privileged moments: it might be a whale powerfully beating its fluke on the water surface, another breaching time and time again, or a little crested tern stopping by for a rest at our bow, or the brilliant oranges and yellows of the late afternoon sun reflected on…

A few days at Port Macquarie

We can tell that the northerlies are starting to establish themselves, but it is a little earlier than we hoped and might limit how far north we can get before we need to come back south. We have a few medical issues to attend to with our respective specialists and of course our trip to…

Humpback Whales’ Acrobatics

The Humpback Whales‘ acrobatics are such a fantastic spectacle to witness as you sail along and so very special from your own boat. Our close sightings at Broughton Island and then along the coast past Forster-Tuncarry and Seal Rocks with small groups of 3 or 4 putting amazing displays for us, have been a delight,…

The Big Splash

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a picture of our twin tub washing machine going overboard… Captain Spin McKnotty tried to cram a whole laundry load into the spin tub and fried the motor. Leave him in charge of the laundry operations and see where it gets us! No, this is a picture…

Delights and Dramas!

It is interesting how after nearly 18 years of sailing together on catamarans, we are still learning! There is nothing like a weather pounding, gear problems and silly mistakes to keep you on your toes and feeling humble. Here is an update on our trials and tribulations.