Hiding at Lady Musgrave

We have been hiding at the Lady Musgrave lagoon for the past four days. The weather is not ideal for the reef, but we wanted to be here for the few finer days and position ourselves for the Swains adventure. And the good thing: not many boats around – most are hugging the coast or…

A lack lustre Ribbon Reef #5

Life on the Ribbon Reefs is going along fine, although the snorkels are lack lustre. We have sunshine, light conditions, a leisurely pace. When not in the water we read, develop photos, snooze, eat, muse at our surroundings. We move every few days and see what we can find.

Opal Reef Aerial

First Four of the Far North Hops!

As we embark on our next big journey with Wade’s brother Murray and his wife Maree on board, we want to enjoy something new together. Moving north beyond latitude 14oS to discover the renowned Ribbon Reefs and iconic Lizard Island seems the perfect adventure.