Homely Port Macquarie

We have spent 10 days in Port Macquarie, some on a public mooring in front of town, but most of the time up the Hastings River anchored fore and aft in front of our friends Lisa and Waz’s house. Coming to Port Macquarie is like coming home: so welcoming.

Inside the fortress walls

There is no port more distinctive than Coffs Harbour along the East Coast of Australia: this is not your average rocky wall protecting its entrance, but a fortress looking breakwater both to the South and now to the North of the harbour. We stayed inside for a few days with the northerlies blowing.

Elusive Solitaries

We are afraid we haven’t much to share about our underwater endeavours. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. It is the second time we have tried diving at the Solitary Islands, and the third time for our friends Waz and Lisa… these dive sites are proving elusive!

No diving at the Solitary Islands

After a week at Iluka, we were itching to leave when the SE wind subsided enough to let us escape through the bar.  Bar crossings are sometimes daunting and this one was; the swell was big, the breaking waves impressive, but we managed a clean exit.

Iluka and Yamba Wanderings

Summer cruising makes us intensely aware of the weather and its vagaries. Each year we experience intense storms, endure extreme temperatures for long periods, get worried about severe thunderstorms, get drenched by heavy rains. It makes us conscious of the need to be prudent in our sailing, and grateful for what we are able to enjoy right…

Iluka Breakwater Dwellers

It is special when a man made structure like the Iluka Breakwater not only serves as a safe harbour for yachts, but also as a rookery for birds. Hundreds of Crested Terns have colonised the Iluka Breakwater and made it their place of choice for raising their chicks.  They are hard to ignore with their…