Looped the loop!

We have looped the loop and are back on the Gold Coast! Here are the last of our passages to Southeast Queensland. Shortcut to Double Island Point After spending a couple of windy days hidden right inside Pelican Bay, behind Inskip Point, we exited at mid tide on Saturday with perfect conditions for a new…

White Cliffs Aerial, Fraser

Serene Sandy Straits

Do you prefer serene or exciting? Would rather wait or do? Well we have been serenely waiting for more exciting things to do! This last week we have been in the Great Sandy Straits, a 70 km long waterway that separates mainland Queensland from World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

South of Latitude 25

Now that we are back from the tropics and south of latitude 25, we are getting organised to make improvements on the boat and are mapping out how we will spend summer.