Going south, fast!

We spent a week at Mackay waiting for our engine controls to be fixed, which as usual took five days rather than one, but with strong SE blowing, we could not have moved earlier anyway! We took off as soon as the work was completed, and left the marina first thing Saturday, which coincided with…

Reef Magic

Reef hopping really excites us, so does trying something new, somewhere different. Enjoying this in company is even better. Our guests Murray and Maree have been enjoying a very different world to what they are used to. The sights, vibrant colours and calm weather are all contributing to making this reef adventure a real treat…

Anui at Lady Musgrave

Made it to the Reef!

We can’t believe the day has finally come: we have made it to the Southern Reefs of the Capricorn & Bunker Group! So we invite you all to get infected… with the excitement of cruising the Reef rather than COVID!