Lady Elliot Island

Dream Run to Lady Elliot Island

We are in catch up mode with our posts, having been on the Southern Great Barrier Reef for 9 days without internet service. We have so much to show you that we have decided to publish a series of five posts about the Capricorn and Bunker Group, each post showcasing a particular coral cay or reef…

Underwater Treasures

The delights of coral cays are… you guessed it, reef viewing, colourful corals, tropical fish and all this in warm waters in the middle of winter for us.  Lady Musgrave really has it all: excellent coral pools, a beautiful turquoise lagoon, and an island full of gorgeous birds.

Stunning Lady Musgrave

We are continuing our exploration of coral cays in the Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.  From Lady Elliott, we motor-sailed to Lady Musgrave.  This cay sits on the rim of a navigable lagoon.  You get that same view of a strip of land as you approach, but this time the reef extends for…