Spansih Dancer Nudibranch

Keppels Magic

It is still really windy, up to 30 knots during the day, the swell wraps around the headlands even at anchor, and there are rainy spells, but nothing stops us: we explore ashore, snorkel and the Keppels do not fail to spin their magic.

Life at the Antipodes – Episode 3

For our third and last post on life at the antipodes, we bring you an update that could be entitled “slow and steady”. Both of us are finding that our time apart feels a little long but it has been precious family time for me and my Dad.

Hiding from strong winds

Just on schedule, as soon as our friend Sue arrived on board, the SE came up with a vengeance and we have been hiding ever since,  patiently waiting for the wind to ease! We sheltered in Woodwark Bay, north of Airlie Beach for a while, fishing and beach walks being the main occupation. A few…

June One Photo Focus

It is the beginning of the month, which means another session in the digital darkroom to work on the June One Photo Focus image.  This is a photo processing project hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing, whereby participants from all corners of the globe get to work on a single image. As Stacy puts it,…

May One Photo Focus

It is time for One Photo Focus, a photo editing challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing, whereby all participants from different corners of the globe work on a single photo to bring their interpretation and apply their creative digital darkroom skills. May Image This month’s image is supplied by Julie Powell.  It is a…