Life in lockdown

Despite Papa’s traumatic state at the other end of the world and the endless nightmare we don’t seem to be able to wake up from, there are enjoyable moments in our Paynesville sanctuary. This post focuses on what we do to remain positive. We hope it encourages a few of you to keep your chin up, stay active and motivated. In bad times come good things too.

Being in lockdown does not mean being starved of adventures, nor being bored or without purpose. You have to find new ways to get your fix and engage in a mix of activities that are enjoyable and rewarding. In truth we haven’t felt vastly different from our normal cruising life. Distancing ourselves, being in the confined space of a boat, stocking up for a few weeks and keeping ourselves occupied is not new to us. Nor is spending extended time just the two of us and the pussycat without sending each other crazy. What is different is not being able to move the boat, go where we see fit, and have our friends on board. Being in Victoria, with much tougher boating restrictions than anywhere else in Australia means that we watch with envy as other states ease their directives, and boaters can resume sailing, fishing, going to the beach, while we can’t do any of that yet. We wait with baited breath for the announcements on 11 May. Let’s hope our Premier relaxes a few restrictions so we can recommence cruising.

Till then, the key to keeping cabin fever at bay is to use this time well, keep our minds active and our bodies moving. Some activities we do together to challenge and encourage each other, some we do separately.

Team Efforts

Looking after our body and health is something we do together. The cockpit has become our gym: daily yoga sessions to combat backache, interval training for strength and cardio a few times a week. For these we use two apps, Asana Rebel for yoga/meditation and Johnson & Johnson 7M Workout for the interval training sessions. We also go for a daily walk to get off the boat. We wish we could see more obvious physical results from our fitness regime but we are not youngsters anymore and it takes time. At least we feel better in ourselves and that’s a start!

Lots of downward dogs!
Headstands are easier when the boat is stable, another advantage of being in the Lakes!

Individual Pursuits

Different things make us tick and motivate us. Wade is practical and focused on the boat, Chris binges on creative interests. This polarity reflects our different personalities, but regardless, we use the time constructively.

Don’t be afraid to fearlessly and joyfully go for whatever it is you love to do.

Wade has thrown himself into a few boat projects. He has been refining systems on Anui and looking for ways to make our life more comfortable: protecting the cockpit from rain (normally not needed when at anchor, but necessary when you are at a jetty), lining up the installation of a Telstra mobile signal booster to improve our ability to stay connected even in remote areas.

Fitting the clears

He has fixed the NKE gear which had lost its connection to the « master bus » for some unknown reason since we berthed in Paynesville (thanks Steve Cody for the guidance).

That’s better! All fixed!

Our old shipwrights James Frecheville and Tim Heaney have been repairing damage to our port bow cleat, inflicted at the Williamstown Marina. It has been nice to reconnect with them and show them our pride and joy.

And then Wade wants to do something about the cockies which descend on all the yachts at dusk and dawn. These destructive devils have a particular liking for wind instruments, mast lights and furlers! Might have to come up with something better than hitting the rigging to stop them from landing and chewing on the gear! Here they are on another boat’s mast top.

For Chris it is about using this ‘time out’ to learn new tricks and focus on things other than sadness. She has a list of things she really wanted to learn or be better at and is making her way through that! Right now it includes playing new piano pieces (music has a way of soothing the soul), doing a boot camp course on Photoshop and Lightroom (which is blowing her mind), and subscribing to a Landscape Photography Masterclass with Peter Eastway, a renown Australian photographer… so much to absorb! Later she will move on to learning how to play the ukelele, do some weaving, even get the water colours out.

Playing with Photoshop
Serenading the locals!

Apart from this skills sharpening marathon there are the on-going jobs: running the website, writing magazine articles and blog posts. In fact there are a lot of options to pass away the time.

Magazine article in the making!

Focus on the good stuff

Both of us get a sense of accomplishment from what we do to keep ourselves busy. As we have always done on the boat, we concentrate on the positive and there is plenty of it. Although it is not what it was last year nor what we wanted for this winter, we can still find satisfaction in what we are doing. We definitely don’t get bored and the days pass quickly! It would be nice to sail away, but hey, we are in protected waters, close to facilities and on a homely vessel.

Anui weathering the storm – image by Gaye Jennings on WildFire.

What about you? What are you doing to keep yourselves going in this difficult period?

Stay active. Stay optimistic. Stay resilient.

20 thoughts on “Life in lockdown

  1. love the headstand!…I am not sure I will get Andrew to that point though; we started with breathing exercises yesterday and move on to warm ups today. We might get a full yoga workout in a couple of weeks! We are enjoying walking (when we can) and I have been making curtains (out of op shop obtained material). After our shitty start to the year I haven’t quite got the headspace for anything creative…yet…but I am thinking of relearning maths! keep well. love to you all from us both. xx

  2. Hello the good ship Anui

    I have been reading with interest, we met you both many moons ago in Refuge Cove, we were on a Seawind Last Resort (home port Paynesville). Last year we took five months and sailed to the Whitsundays, stopped on the way home to upsize to a Lagoon 45 Sportop at Akuna bay and then sailed it to Martha Cove, were I the city on it, same dock as you both a few weeks prior to the time you were there, so just missed catching up which was a shame.

    We too are waiting for Victoria to allow boating so we can head North, I feel fortunate to be in isolation at home with the family and parents close by in the uncertain times although definitely keen to get back on the water exploring and enjoying the adventures that go with it.

    Thank you so much for sharing life on your beautiful boat, hope to catch up again one day soon.


    Kerry and Bryn

    • Hello Kerry & Bryn
      Congrats on the upgrade! Always nice to get more space. Isolation here In Paynesville does not feel that isolated… we know so many people at our old home port. Let’s hope next week brings news of greater freedom. We hope to meet you somewhere. We’ll keep an eye out for Nautilus!

  3. Hi guys, love your ingenuity in keeping occupied ! We are doing lots of walks, having slideshows of trips and voyages of the past. I am preparing and painting the decks on Tripod, (weather permitting). Chatting to folks on our walks, and had a few ‘zoom’ meetings with family and friends.
    We have to just soldier on, don’t we ! 😅

    • Hi Doug – we do have to soldier on, but it really is not too bad. We’ll see what next week brings! Nice to see you are keeping active and dreaming!

  4. Hi Chris, With the lock down our ukulele group has been sending out a daily song which I could forward on to you but I don’t have an email address
    cheers Clive Harris

  5. Hi Chris and Wade, good to hear that you’re doing the best you can under the circumstances. We too are chomping at the bit to go for a sail etc. but are keeping busy with this house building stuff. Hey Chris why don’t you put up a YouTube clip of some of your keyboard skills, that will give you something else to keep you busy with..Bye for now..

    • Hiya Rusty! Good to hear from you… re YouTube… too shy for recordings! I can play beautifully when I am on my own, but put a mike or camera in front of me and I stuff up really badly! Take care of yourself. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the 7 minute workout app, I downloaded it and it’s great.

    As is your boat, we Crowther tragics are keen to follow your adventures, see it under sail, once you get going.


    • Hey Roger, good to see the app works for you and always happy to hear of another Crowther owner. Where are you based? What sort have you got?
      It does not look like we will be leaving soon!

  7. Hi Chris and Wade, I am finally out of isolation and home. Back into paddling the sea kayak and taking Asti out tomorrow. Hope you can travel again soon. Lovely Temps here.

    • Good to hear! You are making us envious, Graham. Still can’t travel and at this stage can’t get to NSW and quarantine on board – it has to be in a hotel. So making enquires and in the meantime staying put. Very fresh at night and early morning but lovely during the day.

  8. I am amazed, Chris, to see how the two of you are managing to keep active and engaged. We are not as restricted as you are, but sometimes I feel a little adrift and focus and motivation are hard to find.

    • There are times Mike when our motivation wanes a bit, particularly the past few weeks since writing this, but there are some basic activities we maintain no matter what.

      • I don’t know for sure, Chris, but sometimes I think it might be a little easier for couples when there is this kind of forced confinement. I am used to being by myself and enjoy it, but I can feel this current situation weighing me down at times.

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