Lakes Entrance at dawn

We’ve turned the corner!

When the new sounder and cable arrived on 16 May at 2.30pm it took only half an hour for us to test it, confirm it all worked, pay the nasty bill for it, and get out of Paynesville! You have never seen a crew moving that quickly!

Gippsland Lakes Sunrise

Where to next?

Some of you have been asking what happens now that our Tasmanian Voyage is over. Plenty is the answer! And yes we intend to keep posting and sharing with you the wondrous seascapes we are lucky enough to discover. So where to next?

Metung sail

Seasonal Migration

After being away for nearly a year, Take It Easy is back at her home port of Paynesville in the Gippsland Lakes. Last weekend we took the opportunity of a short weather window to make our winter migration. Wade and friend Greg brought the boat back from Port Albert where it had been since our…