Gippsland Lakes Moods

At times, as we shared in our last post, we experience dark times in lockdown. Not being able to be close to our friend Baz who passed away and to Dad has been incredibly difficult. And the anxiety has not eased, particularly since our poor Papa has now managed to break his hip on the opposite side to his previous fracture! How do you manage an agitated, confused, dying patient? Physical restraint? Chemical restraint? He has a strong heart, strong lungs, a strong will and is not letting go in a hurry. It is horrendous. However there is absolutely nothing we can do tied up to a jetty in Gippsland, or a few kilometres from him in Toulouse, all of us in lockdown. We won’t burden you with more of our distressing news. So let’s move on.

For this first day of May, we have decided to celebrate nature and bring you images from our beautiful Gippsland Lakes. We relish the stunning views from the deck of Anui and feel lucky. Enjoy this mix of ominous storm fronts, spectacular sunrises and colourful sunsets.

Latest weather system descending on us like a huge wave
Gippsland Lakes Sunset
Sunset from our jetty
Watching the storm coming with About Time in front of us
Sunrise at Raymond Island
Spectacular dawn over Raymond Island
Tormented skies above Wildfire
Anzac Day dawn at Paynesville
Anzac Day dawn, with the sounds of The Last Post and the kookaburras
Shelf clouds rolling in!

Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Stay motivated.

24 thoughts on “Gippsland Lakes Moods

  1. “Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Stay motivated” These are great words for moments like this one. Take care, Chris. 🙂

  2. I love the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that you have so beautifully captured, Chris. I am managing to stay hopeful and positive without a problem. As for motivation, that one has proved to be tougher for me. Hang it there–we know that this new “normal” is not forever.

    • Hi Mike. Yes, motivation can fluctuate a bit. We just go with the flow. No point beating ourselves up and being too demanding of ourselves. Glad you enjoyed some of the images.

      • Actually I loved them all, but there is something really special to me of the moments when the sun is rising and setting. In several of the other shots, I was struck by the moody skies and cloud formations. There is something so reassuring in the way that the natural cycles continue even when our worlds have been turned upside down.

      • So true. I was thinking the same thing when I read this poem on a blog yesterday. It’s in French, but I don’t think that is a problem for you. In introducing it, Jane, the author, noted that “People talk about what they like about this new, uncluttered life and what they don’t want to go back to. They say they don’t want to give back the streets to cars, the city centres to tourists and tourist-oriented consumption. They say they want to keep on waking to birdsong. They have got used to taking notice of the people around them, the things that need doing, the way the trees grow.”

  3. Hi Chris and Wade, thinking of you there, and the family health issues you are currently facing. Thanks for posting the beautiful photos. Makes us feel fortunate and thankful to be living here.

    • So nice to hear from you Mike and Jan. We were wondering how things are going for you! Yes the Lakes are beautiful no matter the weather. It is a good place for us to wait for easier times.

  4. Beautiful images Chris, as usual, I don’t know how you do it! A new photographic challenge for you; how to keep creating interesting images, in a static location. We have been keeping up with your updates, and are heartbroken for your situation, and for your father. There are no easy answers, but hope in the knowledge the lock-down (at least in Aus) will be easing soon. Thinking of you both.

    • Hi Pete & Deb – Thank you for saying hello. We have been thinking of you too, wondering how you are managing. Thanks also for the feedback on the photos… having fun applying the techniques I am learning for both in camera work and post processing. It keeps me sane in a challenging time.

  5. Hi Wade & Chris, you are in a better position than ourselves to note the dramatic weather moods!
    Our main view is westwards over the Mitchell River, and we dodge the worst of the weather on our walks. We are trying to limit our trips to Paynesville to check on boats and people !

  6. Hi and thanks for the images.

    I have just got the fire going and in a few minutes will have Friday wine and cheese with my work friends via long distance video, alone but still together.
    I know it’s tough being semi locked up, but what else can we do.
    Hang in there.

    I need to get some paint for the dinghy so may stop by early next week.

    • Hi guys, we have been doing this with a couple of friends interstate via FaceTime… amazing what you learn to do in lockdown! All good here… blow heater going and it feels like a sauna in Anui!

  7. I have been following the snow cams in the Aussie Alps no far from you. 90cm of new snow on May 1st. Coldest April day on record in Canberra. I am guessing its a bit cold there right now? It appears that the unlocking of lock down is starting to happen across the world so hopefully you can move north into warmer climes soon.
    All the best

    • Hi Phil, We hope so… some announcements are expected on 11 May… Victoria has been much stricter than other states. So we’ll see how we go. We are OK here, so if we have to stay longer, we’ll manage.

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