Zig zagging to Cairns

Since leaving Mourilyan Harbour and heading towards Cairns, we have zig-zagged our way between the continental islands dotted along the coast and the reef. This far up north, the reef runs quite close to the mainland so it is easy to hop out when the weather allows, and come back inshore when the conditions are…

Bengie is 15!

Miaow everybody! It’s me, Bengie, the ship’s cat in charge of Anui. I know my humans posted yesterday, but today, 28 August, is my birthday so you have to be particularly nice to me. I am 15 (77 in cat years). Now after all this time some of you can’t spell my name right and…

Little Bugatti Reef

Paradise, then the Mackay Yoyo

I know, I know we said we were at the Reef for a few weeks… well the weather gods did not agree and neither did Yanmar. But we had some fun, first at the Outer Reef, then island hopping in the Southern Whitsundays, before returning to Mackay for more engine work!